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v3.9.1 2020-04-06

v3.9.0 2020-04-03

Flutter: New Project Offline Mode

#1957/#2311: @ejabu Contributed a new setting dart.flutterCreateOffline that will cause Flutter: New Project to run in offline-mode.

Dart CLI Terminal Improvements

#2256/#2230/#2315/#2305/#2313: Running CLI apps in the terminal has received some improvements over the original release. Apps now run as real processes in a standard VS Code Terminal (instead of using a Pseudoterminal). This should resolve issues with certain keys (like backspace) not working correctly.

Note: You must be using Dart SDK v2.7.1 or later for this functionality to work.





Preview: LSP

#2238/#2297: As part of ongoing work to migrate to the language server protocol, a new setting dart.previewLsp will force the analyzer to using the LSP protocol. This mode is not yet complete and has some known issues.