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For instructions on installing the Dart or Flutter extensions, go here.

v3.32.0 2022-01-02

#3729: Pre-release channels are now available for the Dart and Flutter extensions. These channels will replace the manual vsix builds for preview/beta extension releases usually distributed via GitHub. These will usually be published a few times per month prior to stable releases.

If you’d like to help test new versions of the extensions before releases, you can switch to them using the buttons on the extensions pages within VS Code. You can switch back to the Release channel at any time.

While the VS Code marketplace doesn’t support pre-release version numbers, pre-release versions will be in the format x.ODD.YYYYMMDD format while release versions will be in the format x.EVEN.y. Pre-release channel users will always get the latest version of the extension, which may be a release version until a subsequent pre-release version is published after each stable release.







Features Enabled with Future SDKs

These items rely on changes to the Dart/Flutter SDKs that have not yet been released to stable channels. They will show up automatically when you update your SDK in future (or if using development channels depending on the exact version).

Upstream Issues

Some feature requests and fixes require new features and fixes in upstream projects like VS Code and LSP which use counts of 👍s on those issues to help gauge demand. The Dart-Code website now lists some of the most significant upstream issues with a description of the feature/fix they would enable. Please consider reviewing this list and adding your 👍 to any GitHub issues relevant to features you’d like to see!