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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I perform a Restart of my Flutter app?

The Flutter: Hot Restart command is bound to Ctrl+F5 by default.

Why can’t Dart Code find my Dart/Flutter SDK?

Dart Code generally will try to find Dart and/or Flutter automatically, searching plces including:

Depending on how you launch VS Code it may not inherit the PATH variable from your terminal. For information on how best to set your PATH see Configuring PATH and Environment Variables.

Note: If Dart Code detects that you have a Flutter project open then it will prefer to use the version of the Dart SDK that is bundled in the Flutter SDK, otherwise it will prefer to use a version of Dart directly from your PATH.

Where can I find a list of Key Bindings?

Much of Dart Code’s functionality inherits key bindings from VS Code though we do also add some of our own. For a list of key bindings added by Dart Code or that we consider useful, see the key binding docs.

How do I switch between multiple devices for Flutter development?

If you have multiple devices/simulators you can quickly switch them from the status bar. For more info, see Quickly Switching Between Flutter Devices in the docs.

How do I hide Flutter’s Debug Mode Banner?

The Debug Mode Banner (previously Slow Mode Banner) can be toggled from the command palette. For more info, see documentation for the Flutter: Toggle Debug-Mode Banner command.