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v3.22.0 2021-05-03

Flutter Integration Testing

#3009/#3133: Flutter tests inside an integration_test folder are now recognised as tests and run on the selected device. See flutter.dev/docs/testing/integration-tests for more information on using the Flutter SDK’s package:integration_test.

New Refactors

#547/#545: New refactors have been added for Inline Method and Inline Local Variable (requires SDK update).


Items here marked “(requires SDK update)” also rely on changes in the Dart/Flutter SDKs so may not be immediately visible depending on your Dart/Flutter SDK channel.





Upstream Issues

Some feature requests and fixes require new features and fixes in upstream projects like VS Code and LSP which use counts of 👍s on those issues to help gauge demand. The Dart-Code website now lists some of the most significant upstream issues with a description of the feature/fix they would enable. Please consider reviewing this list and adding your 👍 to any GitHub issues relevant to features you’d like to see!