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Running Dart CLI Scripts in the Terminal

You can run Dart CLI scripts in the built-in terminal with F5 by creating a launch configuration (using the Debug: Open launch.json command) and setting the "console" option to "terminal":

"configurations": [
		// A name for the launch config. This will show in the dropdown on the Run side bar.
		"name": "Current File (release mode)",

		// This should always be "dart" for Dart/Flutter apps.
		// This selects the Dart debugger.
		"type": "dart",

		// This can be "launch" to start an app, or "attach" to attach to an existing app.
		"request": "launch",

		// "debugConsole" or "terminal". If set to "terminal", will run in the built-in
		// terminal and will support reading from `stdin`. However some other debug
		// features may be limited.
		"console": "terminal",

This will cause the application to run in the built-in terminal allowing it to read stdin and handle keyboard input. This comes with a trade-off, as the debug adapter is no longer able to influence the output (for example to link stack traces to source locations).

Alternatively, you can set the dart.cliConsole setting either in your Workspace Settings (to apply to a whole project) or User Settings to apply to all projects.