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Running Flutter Apps in Profile or Release Modes

From Dart Code v2.12 you can run Flutter apps in Profile and Release modes. To do this you need to create a launch.json if you don’t already have one (by clicking Add Configuration in the dropdown on the Run Side Bar). In the launch config for your flutter app set the flutterMode property to one of debug, profile or release:

"configurations": [
		"name": "Flutter",
		"request": "launch",
		"type": "dart",
		"flutterMode": "profile"

Now when you press F5 to launch the application, the corresponding launch mode will be used.

By default, when running in profile mode memory usage will automatically be shown on the status bar. You can control this by setting the showMemoryUsage option in the launch config. You can also enable this for debug builds but be aware that the values reported will not be indicative of the final release build of your application.