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Analytics collected by the Dart-Code extension

The Dart-Code extension collects some basic analytics to help understand how users are using the extension and with which VS Code and SDK versions.

These analytics are separate to analytics sent by VS Code itself (to Microsoft) and analytics sent by other tools that the extension calls (such as dart and flutter which may send analytics to Google).

You can see all analytics sent by the extension (along with others) in the Telemetry output pane (see VS Code docs).

This information is also available in telemetry.json in the extension, which can be extracted for all extensions from VS Code using the code --telemetry command (see VS Code docs).

Opting Out

The extension uses the VS Code telemetry settings for enabling/disabling analytics. More information is available in the VS Code docs.

Additionally, analytics will be disabled if you have opted-out using the legacy "dart.analytics": false setting.


The following events are recorded by the Dart-Code extension:

Common Properties

The following properties are included in all events: